A Detachable Cover for the iPad 2

Around that time he read an article about magnets, cut it out, and handed it to Jony Ive. The magnets had a cone of attraction that could be precisely focused. Perhaps they could be used to align a detachable cover. That way, it could snap onto the front of an iPad but not have to engulf the entire device. One of the guys in Ive’s group worked out how to make a detachable cover that could connect with a magnetic hinge. When you began to open it, the screen would pop to life like the face of a tickled baby, and then the cover could fold into a stand.

Isaacson, Walter (2011-10-24). Steve Jobs (p. 525). Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

「磁石を用いたヒンジにくっ付く着脱式のカバーを思い付いたのは、Jonathan Iveの部下の一人」とありますが、この人はやはりあの日本人デザイナーではないのかと私は思います。どう見ても「お風呂の蓋」ですから。



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